I resort to writing these days
To express my point, thoughts and feelings
I find that unlike humans
Paper listens to what I have not even said verbally
It can understand me with my silent scribbling
It doesn’t cross question and judge me
If it does question, that is through me
With self realization
Without any outer force’s intervention

It doesn’t expect anything from me
Doesn’t force me to be with it
And write on it daily

It allows me to say contradicting things
from what I could have written on it’s body earlier
It understands that as we experience,
Our thoughts and way of looking things change too
And we should not be killed for being more aware than we were in past
For falling in love
For rising out of it
For hating and loving again
For thinking and expressing
weird behaviours of others and mine

Paper and I are becoming the best of friends
The soul mates
The best part is I can resort to it
at any time day & night
Sometimes I think
Doesn’t it need sleep
Coz often when I knock it’s door with words
It’s way too late in night
When everyone is sleeping


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